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We Fix offer competitively priced Laptop, Notebook repairs.
We Fix replaces Broken Laptop Screens so if you have cracked your Notebook screen then get your computer into us for a free inspection/quotation. We operate on a free inspection and a 'No Fix - No Fee' service. We offer a DATA Recovery service and Microsoft Windows re installation. We are able to remove the computer virus and Malware.

Is your Computer or Notebook running slow? We offer a free health check and offer solutions to speed your system up again.

Laptop Battery Replacement

Replacement Laptop and Notebook batteries available at We FixIf your battery in your Laptop does not last long when you unplug the power adaptor then we can provide replacement batteries. We always recommend original versions if we can get them. Its usually the very old laptops that we are, sometimes not able to get hold of.
All our notebook / Laptop batteries come with a 1-year warranty.
Where original batteries are not available then we provide a high-quality compatible replacement.
Modern Laptop batteries are manufactured using lithium-ion. Older Laptop batteries may a Ni-Cad or nickel-cadmium, or a NiMH battery with nickel-metal hydride battery.

Laptop Notebook Charging issue repairs

Samsung mobile phone repairs BournemouthIf your laptop does not charge your battery when it is plugged into the mains adaptor then your notebook can have several problems. The obvious reason is that the battery has failed and has no further capacity to hold a charge, you need to replace the battery. You may be using the incorrect a charger. Your motherboard may be faulty.
If your Charger does not power on your laptop then check to see if you have any lights on the device, if not then your charger may be faulty or your Laptop DC Socket , Power Socket (Where the charger plugs into the laptop) is faulty or broken. We can easily check the output of the charger using a multimeter. If there is an output then we would need to investigate further.
If there are lights on the notebook when you plug in the charger then unplug the charger and remove the battery from the laptop. Press the power button for about 30 seconds. Plug the charger back into the laptop and try to start the laptop up again. If the notebook boots then you have successfully reset your BIOS. If the laptop does not boot up then you may need a DC Socket repair carried out the laptop. We can repair faulty DC Sockets at our workshop in Bournemouth.

Laptop Display Screen repair service

Samsung mobile phone repairs BournemouthLaptop / Notebook Display Screen repairs
Have you cracked your laptop screen? Easily done these days with the LED Screens. New laptop screens are much thinner than the old LCD type displays. We can usually repair your laptop screen the following day. If we receive the laptop by 3 PM we can order the panel in for the next working day. We have to remove your current display to find the laptop screen model number for us to be able to order the correct part. Notebook screens are repaired/replaced and tested in our Bournemouth Repair Center.  

Software and operating system repairs

Samsung mobile phone repairs BournemouthIs your Laptop / Notebook failing to boot up or running slow? Let us carry out a health check on your PC, Laptop or notebook. If your PC has failed to boot up then the chances are that your operating system has become corrupted. If this is the case we will try and recover your DATA, reinstall your operating system and reinstate your files. This is the most cost effective way of getting your machine up and running. We can install Microsoft products including Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. All software is genuine is provided with an activation key

Samsung mobile phone repairs BournemouthDifferent type of hard drive includes Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA), Serial ATA (SATA), Small Computer System Interface (SCSI). and Solid State Drives (SSD). With the exception of SSD, the other types of drives have moving parts. If your hard drive crashes then as long a the drive is mechanically sound then we may be able to run a DATA recovery programme on it. If the drive is mechanically damaged then we have access to a specialist company who may be able to receive the DATA from the hard drive using specialist equipment.

Samsung mobile phone repairs BournemouthKeypad Keyboard Replacements
Have you lost a key or two on your laptop? Do you have a few keys on your notebook that are not working? Sometimes the complete laptop keyboard stops working altogether. If this is the case then give us a call. We can replace your laptop keyboard quickly and efficiently. We can also replace mouse-pad as well. We can update your notebook drivers that may resolve the problems you are experiencing.

Samsung mobile phone repairs BournemouthRAM (Random Access Memory) wears out over a period of time and may result in your laptop shutting down, slowing down, not booting up, or displaying the BSOD (Blue screen of death). We can carry out a diagnostic on your Notebook RAM to access if the RAM is the root of your Laptop problems. A Memory diagnostic is a quick simple test carried out on your notebook to determine if any RAM problems exist. We can provide replacement Notebook memory.

We can also upgrade your Laptop Memory by supplying faster RAM if available. We can also increase the memory that your notebook is running..

Laptop / Notebook Overheating Repair Service

Samsung mobile phone repairs BournemouthLaptops can suffer from overheating caused by the fan becoming clogged, failing, or stopped working. The Notebook can also overheat because of the thermal paste becoming dry or brittle. An overheating laptop can shut down or slow down and can sound very loud due to the fan trying to work harder. Dust enters the base of your laptop and gets trapped in the heat sink grill. We carry out a motherboard service that includes stripping down the notebook and cleaning the board replacing the thermal compound between the heat sink and the processor.