They say it's an original Apple screen but is it? How you tell the difference.

An image showing the different between a copy and original Apple iPhone 7 DisplayWe put together this page to explain the difference between an Original Apple iPhone Display.
Some repair centres will offer original Apple Displays when they are either copy screens or ‘OEM’ displays.
It is against the Trades description act to provide a copy or OEM display and state that it as original Apple display.

Copy displays will sometimes have less resolution than an original and poor quality copy screens will have a poor washed out colour and are less vibrant.

We see more and more repair shops that offer ‘Original Apple Screens. While this option is available the screens are never new screens; they are refurbished Apple displays. They are fully functional displays that have had the cracked glass professionally removed and fresh new glass fitted. The investment in equipment is at a high cost, and therefore repair shops usually have to buy the refurbished screens from a specialist company. As long as the screens are processed correctly, then these iPhone screens are perfectly reasonable.

An image showing the different between a copy and original Apple iPhone 7 DisplayWe Fix BCR used both High-Quality copy and original refurbished Apple Displays. We always offer a choice when we can. Sometimes originals are hard to come by, whereas copy iPhone screens are available all of the time. We give you the same warranty with a copy screen as with an original display.

Spotting the difference between a Copy Display and an Original Apple Refurbished display
Very easy to spot if you have a black screen fitted to your iPhone. If you have a white screen then compare the colour of the blank screen against the new screen. An original iPhone display will be almost the same shade of black as the glass around the screen. If there is a big difference, then it will be a copy.

iPhone 6S, 7, 8, and X have touch IC built in to the display

A fully repaired iPhone 7 screenAlways ask to look at the new display that will be fitted to your iPhone before the screen is fitted You will see several differences on the rear of an original display V a copy display. You should compare the original to the copy. You would notice that the cables on an original screen are thicker than on a copy. Somewhere on the cable will be an Apple Symbol. You may see that a Copy screen has different shape flex cable then an original. You may notice that the Touch IC is a different size to an original. On the cable is a plastic IC cover and this cover is sometimes bigger on a copy iPhone display.
If you have your iPhone screen replaced, you should always get a receipt, and the receipt should say if it has been fitted with an original display.
If you are not sure about the differences between all the different quality screens available, then please do not hesitate to contact us and ask the question. We are always happy to help.