GHD Hair Straightener Repair Service in Bournemouth

We FIx repairing GHD Straighteners in Bournemouth

Turn your Bad Hair Day into a Good Hair Day!
Have your hair straighteners suddenly broken down leaving you all curly. We repair your GHD Hair Straighteners at a fixed price of £49.99 and include replacing the faulty part.
We can replace Mains Leads, Cable, Thermistor, Heater,  R8 Resistor, Broken Arms, Plates Loose etc.
Extra cost involved if arms are broken or PCB needs to be replaced. All repairs are carried out on site and we aim to get your GHD repaired within 2 working days.
All GHD repairs come with a six month warranty.

. If you need any further information then please call David on

01202 399911

£49.99 Fixed Price Repair Service for your GHD's

Bournemouth GHD Repair Shop

Our repair service covers power on issues, damaged Power Cables, Loose pads, not heating up. It covers the GHD thermistor / thermostat, broken heater elements, broken or scratched pads.

The most common repair we carry out on a set of GHD's is a blown resister on the main PCD. We replaced the GHD resistor with an uprated item so the problem is less likely to return.

Broken GHD Hair Straighteners? Ladies come to We Fix and we will save your life

GHD Repair Service in Bournemouth

GHD Repairs
Where would some ladies be without there GHD Hair Straighteners? We had one young lady come into our shop with a broken set of GHD Hair Straighteners that stopped working. She was very upset as she had to use her backup BaByliss set. The GHD hair Straighteners are liked because of the perfectly straight heat pads gives a good straight hair style. The heat pads reach the perfect temperature within seconds and the build quality is.. well quality. GHD stands for Good Hair Day
The GHD brand was launched in 2001 by Martin Penny, Gary Douglas, and Robert Powls. The brand took off so quickly that the company did not even have to advertise for the first two years due to hair salons and word of mouth carrying the brand forward. At the end pf year two the GHD Brand had reached the £12m mark. Today the brand is worth over £250m
Although GHD Straighteners are reliable they do on occasions break down. The most common fault is that the resistors on the mainboard fail. This causes the GHD to stop powering up. ‘We Fix’ can replace these items on the PCD to fully restore the GHD Hair Straightener to its former glory. We can replace heat pads if they do not fully heat up or if the heat pads get scratched or damaged. The worst thing that can happen to the GHD is a broken or cracked hinge. We can fully repairs all these faults. We can also repair or replace the GHD Power cable if it is split, melted or otherwise damaged.
All GHD Hair Straightener repairs are carried out on site at fixed prices and within 48 hours (working days apply) Once your GHD’s are repaired you will receive a 6 month warranty for your peace of mind. We Fix carry out some GHD Repairs while you wait.

. If you need any further information then please call David on

01202 399911