iPhone Battery and Charging Problems

iPhone ready for a new battery The second most common problem we have with iPhone after smashed screens are the iPhone charging problems. iPhone charging issues can be that the phone has trouble accepting the charger into the charging port where you have to twist or bend the charger into the port to make it make contact. Another problem is that the battery does not keep a charge and there can be several reasons why this is going on but most commonly its a worn out battery. We never change a battery for iPhone not holding a charge. We always try and assess that the battery is the problem. If you are having iPhone Charging problems, then give us a call to see how we can help.

What we do to diagnose your iPhone battery health?

Battery capacity level in settings

When we are presented with an iPhone that has a battery not holding a charge issue then we want to make sure that changing the battery will solve all your problems. We will check the settings to see if the battery capacity is showing low. If the battery capacity is showing low then a new battery will cure the problem. If the battery information is not present in the settings then we can run a test on the phone where we run an app for a time with your battery and monitor the charge over a period of time. We will then run a new battery under the same conditions and see if there is any great improvement. if there is then we will fit a new battery.

Check your iPhone Battery health in settings or use the App

iPhone Battery Life AppIn the App Store, there is an App called Battery life. It was a great App but only works from IOS 9 onwards but stop working on IOS12

Here is the link


If you have the right IOS then it will inform you of the battery wear level.

We think Apple prevented the app from working as there were too many customer complaints with fairly new iPhones



When the problem is definitely the battery

An iphone with a swollen batterySometimes the battery is definitely the problem as it will literally 'Jump at you'. iPhone batteries can swell up, expand inside the iPhone and start to push the display out of the housing of the iPhone. Sometimes the screen will crack or split resulting in a new screen needed to be fitted. When iPhone batteries swell (blow) inside a phone you may find that the phone shuts down ar random battery percentages. At this point, a new iPhone battery will usually cure your charging issues. iPhone batteries swell up because of a process called 'outgassing' usually caused by the battery age, using the wrong charging accessories, or misuse.
If your battery is swollen then you need to get it serviced ASAP as this fault is very dangerous if the battery happens to burst.

iPhone Mainboard Charging Issues

iPhone Tristar chipIf your battery is right, then the problem could be caused by several issues on the mainboard. The most common problem is the charging IC, U2 Chip, Tristar Chip failure. This part can be changed and has to go to our next level repair centre. The work takes three working days. There could be a short circuit on the board that would need to be diagnosed, again a trip to our next level repair centre. We can get 90% of these iPhone charging issues resolved, and the repairs are taken on on a no fix no fee basis.

iPhone Charging Port issues - Cleaning and replacement

An iphone 6 Charging PortAn iPhone 6 Charging Port is a pretty complicated and busy thing. It comprises of the lightning connector, headphone socket, antenna connection, microphone and the loudspeaker connector. We only change the iPhone Charging Port as a last resort. If we change the charging port for an easy fix, then you may end up having problems with the other associated services relevant to the charging port. If the lightning connector does not fit into the charging port, then we can unplug the battery and try to clean the port. Dust and dirt from your pocket can get compacted into the port, and this stops the charging cable from making contact with the pins within. If this is successful, then the repair is done. Sometimes the port fails and will need changing. When the port is swapped out, we will check to make sure everything works as it should.