iPhone 11 Display Screen Repairs in 30 minutes

Image of an iPhone X with a new display screen fitted.

iPhone 11 Screen repairs while you wait at our Bournemouth repair shop.
Have you cracked the front of your iPhone 11? Do you have lines, broken, defective glass, ink splodges or no display at all on your iPhone 11? We offer a brand new high-quality replacement screen for the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 repair service takes 30 minutes, and we fit a complimentary glass screen protector. Our Bournemouth iPhone Repair keeps this part in stock, and you can walk in at any time and have it fixed.

We only use high quality displays on the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 screen is similar technology as the iPhone XR

iPhone 11 Back Glass Repair Service

Image of an iPhone X with a new display screen fitted.

Have you cracked the back of your iPhone 11? We can replace the backglass offering same day service. The glass on the back of the iPhone is very thin and fragile. The rear of the latest iPhones is glass to assist wireless charging. We use a laser machine to remove the glue between the glass and the iPhone housing. The process takes most of the day as the new back glass has to be bonded into place and the glue has to be allowed to dry. Once repaired the back of the phone will look good as new.