iPhone 6 Screen repair service Bournemouth

Smashed your iPhone 6? Don't panic. We Fix offers iPhone 6 Display repairs in under 30 minutes. We change the LCD and Digitiser on the iPhone 6 using High Quality replacement parts. You do not need an appointment as we keep iPhone 6 Displays in stock all of the time.

We carry out this service while you wait . If you need any further information then please call David on

01202 399911

Your iPhone 6 is repaired in our shop and you can wait while we service your phone

Bournemouth iPhone 6 Repair Shop

This is a photo of a smashed iPhone 6 that a customer emailed in to us.

We gave the customer the iPhone 6 Screen Repair Price and the customer brought the iPhone 6 in to our shop at 278 Holdenhurst Road . We changed the screen over for a brand new one while the customer waited in our seating area. 30 Minutes later the customer walked out with a fully repaired iPhone 6.

Bournemouth iPhone 6 Repair Shop

We have had iPhone 6 with either the Microphone not working (Other person cannot hear you) or iPhone 6 not taking a charge. We can replace the Charging port on the iPhone 6 in about 30 minutes. The iPhone 6 Charging Port also incorporates the headphone Jack and Antenna

We normally keep this part in stock

If you would like any further information then please call us.