iPhone 7 Screen repair service Bournemouth

Smashed your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus? Don’t panic. We fix always have iPhone 7 Display panels in stock and can replace the display in about 20 to 30 minutes. We Fix offers a ‘while you wait’ service for iPhone 7 Screen Replacements. We use the best quality displays available and can provide Original Apple iPhone 7 Displays on request at an additional charge. We Fix are aware of the importance of protecting the home button and proximity sensor on the device and always take care of all devices in our care. We Fix offer a 90-day warranty on all mobile phone screen replacements. For more information please call David or Lauren on 01202399911.

Bournemouth iPhone 7 Repaired at our Shop

The iPhone 7. Breaks just as easy as the last one. Each time an iPhone is released by Apple that says the same thing... The screen on this new iPhone will be better, brighter, more efficient but more importantly... stronger! Mmmmm? We usually have to wait for a few months before we see a new iPhone model in the shop for repair, however, we were getting enquires after on a few weeks. We were able to source new display screens at a reasonable price and great quality and provide the service of iPhone 7 Screen Replacements.

Bournemouth iPhone 7 Charging Port Repair

If your iPhone 7 is not charging then give us a call. It could be that your charging port needs cleaning. Sometimes the iPhone Charging Port collects dust and fluff from your pocket and then each time you insert the charger you actually compact these inclusions further into the port. Your charging cable should be able to be inserted into the port with the plastic part of the cable touching the phone. If it is sticking out then we may be able to clean it for you without having to open the phone. If the charging port needs replacing then we normally keep this part in stock.

Bournemouth iPhone 7 damaged phone 7 RepairThis iPhone 7 arrived at our shop in two halves. The screen had been ripped from the body of the phone. The proximity cable had been severed. The housing was bent. We removed the mainboard from the housing and straightened out the housing. We fitted a new screen and Proximity sensor closed the phone. We fully tested the iPhone 7 and everything was working as it should. The customer was handed back the iPhone 7 and was delighted with the outcome.