an image of Bournemouth iPhone Repair ShopiPhones are unlocked via the Apple Server. Unlocking an iPhone will enable you to use a different Network SIM Card in your mobile

The process can take from 2 to 15 days depending on what model iPhone you have and what network you are currently on.

The Process of unlocking your iPhone is as follows

1 Call into our shop

2 We record yourIMEI Number

3 You Make the payment

4 take your mobile home with you

5 Wait until the estimated unlock period has expired

6 Place the wrong Sim Card in the iPhone and connect to iTunes

7 You iPhone will be permanently unlocked via the iTunes Server

If you are not sure then please CONTACT US

Please call for prices as they constantly change


Instant Apple iPhone Unlocking. We currently have a system where we can unlock your iPhone While you wait. This service is £10.00.

The details.

This is a TEMPORARY UNLOCK. The unlock will be in place until you update the IOS on the iPhone.

Our system fools the iPhone into activation. You will be able to use the phone for calls and DATA in the normal way.

If you update the IOS then we will charge again to unlock the device.

We recommend that you update the iPhone to the latest IOS before you bring the device in for unlocking

Pay for an iPhone Factory unlock and we will instal the temporary unlock free of charge. As you may be aware there is always a waiting time for iPhone Factory Unlocks so with this method we can get your phone up and activated in a few minutes.

We had a customer with an iPhone on AT&T network. Unfortunately, it could not be unlocked as it was still in contract. We applied the Smart Unlock and everything worked great. One happy customer.

Works on all iPhone and on all IOS versions up to 12.1.2

For further information give David or Lauren a call

iPhone Unlocking Terms and Conditions


Please don't buy if you don't agree our Terms & Conditions. By submitting order you are agreeing our Terms & Conditions.
Once any IMEI submitted, cannot be cancelled or reversed so please always make sure if you submit the correct IMEI.
The success rate of this service is over 95% so if your unlock gets cancelled for any unknown and not mentioned reason, you will be fully refunded.
Don't buy this service if your iPhone is not at least 6 MONTHS old and must be activated otherwise, there will be NO REFUND and your iPhone will stay locked.
Don't buy this service if you have any kind of issue with your Network Provider as there will be NO REFUND.
Don't buy this service if you don't know the history of your iPhone or you or previous owner has stopped paying bill to Network Provider as there will be NO REFUND.
Please don't buy this service if your unlock has already been rejected from another seller or source as there will be NO REFUND & your iPhone will remain locked.
Please don't buy from us if your iPhone is from any 3RD seller party as your phone will not get unlocked and there will be NO REFUND.
Please only submit correct UK WORKING & ACTIVATED IMEI. Always make sure & double check before you submit any IMEI.
Wrong, Non Activated IMEI & any IMEI which is not assigned to the correct network will get you FULLY charged with NO refund and your phone will also not be unlocked.
Please also be careful about any BARRED or BLOCKED IMEIs as you will still be charged £15.00 service charge & your phone will also not be unlocked. The remaining amount will be refunded straight way. The best piece of advice is not to buy this service as this service is only for Working & Activated iPhone IMEI's
Prior to submission of unlocking a phone, make sure the previous owner of the unit has turned off findmyphone and erased all contents & settings otherwise you will get you fully charged and you will not be given any refund and your phone will also not be unlocked.