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iPhone 6 Plus Blown Battery

an image of Bournemouth iPhone Repair ShopPlease be aware that if your iphone Battery Life is very poor and the screen looks like it is being pushed or looks bulged then you need to get it looked at. A blown lithian battery can be very dangerous if it gets pierced, split or crushed. The photo shows the result of a burst charged battery inside an iPhone 6 Plus. We Recommend that you either take your iPhone to an Apple Store if it is still in warranty or get it into We Fix BCR for a battery change.
We supply and fit the original Apple Batteries and provide a warranty. .
an image of Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop

This is a photo of a smashed iPhone 6 that a customer emailed in to us.

We gave the customer the iPhone 6 Screen Repair Price and the customer brought the iPhone 6 in to our shop at 278 Holdenhurst Road . We changed the screen over for a brand new one while the customer waited in our seating area. 30 Minutes later the customer walked out with a fully repaired iPhone 6.

an image of Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop

Every now and again we see an iPhone that is in a pretty sorry state.
This iPhone 6 was brought in by a regular customer . His son had dropped the iPhone on a night out.
The Display was smashed and the housing was bent . The volume buttons we jammed in.
The customer wanted the phone back in a working condition but was not too fussed what the phone would look like afterwards.

an image of Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop

First off we needed to test that the iPhone would actually work so we fitted a new screen and battery to the board and powered it on. Remarkably the iPhone powered on.
The housing was straightened out and so that the screen would fit flat and the volume buttons were free to work again. A new battery was fitted because the old one was had a dent in it

an image of Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop

We Fix are able to carry out iPhone Logic Board Repairs. The image shows an iPhone 5C with Damaged Touch Screen, Display and Light /Proximity /front camera Connector Damage. It was brought in by a customer who tried to repair a broken screen themselves. The three connectors were crushed. We were able to have all three connectors replaced and the phone was returned to the customer fully working. The was not a cheap repair but the customer wanted to have access to the photos and contacts on the iPhone. This is not an while you wait servicean image of Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop

Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop Case Studies

Bournemouth iPhone Repairs imageiPhone 4S Battery Terminal Repair

Customer tried to replace Battery at home and ripped off the battery terminal from the mainboard
The customer also ripped two solder pads from the board so that there was not anything to solder back onto.
The iPhone 4s Battery Terminal was re-soldered after new solder pads were rebuilt on the board.

Pink conversion iPhone slammed in car door

Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop is open 6 days a week

The customer came to us with a badly damaged iPhone after the iPhone was shut in a car door. the iPhone was kept in the customers hand bag strap.

First thing we did was to take the logic board out of the phone and transfer it to another iphone 4 Housing. Amazingly the iPhone still powered on.

We replaced the housing with new and took the Colour back to standard.

While you wait iPhone Repairs Bournemouth @ We Fix - 278 Holdenhurst Road BH8 8AY

Call - 01202 399911


Water Damaged iPhone 4S

iPhone Water Damaged iPhone Repair

Customer dropped their iphone 4S into the sink. We stripped the iPhone down and examined the iPhone for signs of corrosion

The LCD and battery were changed and the logic board was cleaned up and treated for corrosion.

After the work was completed the iPhone powered on and functioned correctly and the customer was able to create a backup of the iPhone

All Repairs and services are carried out by professional engineers, All repairs are provided with a three month guarantee and all take place in our Bournemouth Workshop



an image of Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop

Why Use We Fix iPhone Repair Bournemouth?

We have been established since 2002. We Fix Bournemouth has many years experience of repairing Apple products including iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Repairs, Mobile Phone repairs. Computer and Laptop Repairs and Games Console Repairs. Our Business is fully insured and we are registered with Bournemouth Council.

You can walk into our Shop and wait while your iPhone is repaired.