Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Repair

Samsung galaxy S10 cracked screen repairHave you cracked, smashed your Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus screen? We can replace the panel with a brand new Samsung service pack display. The Samsung S10 Screen Repair is carried out in our shop in Bournemouth. If you are looking for a Samsung screen repair near me then look no further. The Samsung S10 with a cracked display was collected from the customer and brought to our Bournemouth Repair Centre. We already ordered the screen for the customer and as you can see that half the screen was black and the other was lit. This was caused by a crack in the OLED under the glass.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Service Pack

Samsung galaxy S10 Service Pack screen repairWe received the Samsung Service pack and We checked the new Samsung S10 service pack screen and made sure that the housing was the same colour as the original and was in good condition. We only use brand new original Samsung service packs to ensure you get the highest quality repair available. This gives you 100% customer satisfaction.

What is a Samsung Galaxy S10 Service Pack

Samsung galaxy S10 Service Pack Screen for  screen repairA Samsung Service pack is a brand new Samsung part direct from the supplier. We are able to obtain the service pack the next working day.
Samsung service packs come ready to install and in many cases include the housing. We open your damaged phone and remove the internals. We then move the components of your phone over to the new service pack, The beauty of this is that if you have also damaged your phone housing then this is replaced as well. When the phone is put back together all of your data will still be on the device and the phone will look brand new again