Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Repair

Samsung galaxy s7 cracked screen repair This Samsung Galaxy S7 G930F came into us in a sorry state. The Display was cracked and with no display. The Glass over the display was broken, and the screen underneath the glass was also damaged. The Back cover was also broken and would need to be replaced as this would get worse when it is removed to repair the display. The customer also wanted to have the battery replaced as the phone is a couple of years old now and wants to keep the phone going for another couple of years.

Samsung S7 Cracked BackWhen we get a Mobile phone in for repair we always try to check is as much as we can. This particular Galaxy S7 had a few issues. The first issue was that the display was damaged so we could not check the function of the phone. We could, however, see that the phone was on as the navigation buttons either side of the Home Button were illuminated so this was a good sign. We plugged the Samsung s7 into a PC, and it connected ok, another good sign. We also noted that the back cover was damaged and would need replacing. The housing had a few dents in it and we need to either replace it or try to remove the dents. As the dents were quite small we decided that we would pull the dents out of the housing,

Removing the damaged parts

Samsung S7 Stripped of damaged parts

We always use Anti-Static Mat when we disassemble a mobile phone. First, we remove the back panel then remove all the screws from the housing and remove the plastic covers exposing Main Board. We then disassemble the device to the state that we can remove the screen. The phone is placed on a special heat mat that softens the adhesive to release the display from the housing. Once the display is removed then we have to make sure we fully clean the Housing and remove all glue and sort out any dents so that the new screen will fit into the phone perfectly.

Check the new Display, Back Cover and Battery

Samsung S7 Screen soft titted to test

All new Samsung Parts are checked to make sure they are genuine and that they are in perfect condition. We plug the new Samsung display into the main board to make sure it works correctly. Also, the Samsung S7 Featured here has a new battery, so we make sure that the battery is excellent and accept and holds a charge. Only when we are happy that everything is as it should be then we reassemble the Mobile Phone. This Mobile Phone repair process is the process we follow for every Samsung Mobile Phone repair that we carry out. Samsung Mobile Phone Repair Bournemouth.
Bournemouth Samsung Mobile Phone Repair.



New Parts fitted and Samsung S7 Tested

New screen fitted and testedOnce the phone assessed, cleaned, tested and assembled we need to test the phone. We need to test the new screen. We test the function of the phone to make sure that the device can make and receive a call. This tests the Mic and earpiece and loudspeaker. We make sure that the cameras are working and that the WiFi is all OK. Once we have checked that everything is working we then contact the customer. The customer then makes sure they are happy with the work and then and only then does the customer make payment. We put every repaired device through our own quality control system. We take pride in our work and our results are a testament to that.